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Countering a YouTube copyright claim

When I edit videos, I keep meticulous notes on where any third party content comes from, and note it in the description of my video. Even so, I have had copyright claims made against my videos, mostly regarding the music I use. These claims can be obnoxious, though I don’t necessarily agree that there’s any merit to claims that they are scams. At any rate, when a claim is made, you need to file a dispute, detailing where the music is sourced from.

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On theft, intellectual property and semantics

I believe strongly in the power of words. They can hurt and heal, and they are our primary mode of communication. When discussing any topic, accuracy is very important, and using accurate and appropriate words for what you mean to describe improves your arguments. By the same token, using words that do not accurately describe what you mean to describe, while possibly an effective rhetorical device, weakens your argument.

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