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Turning on notifications for Facebook posts

I use Facebook for many things. One of those things is to take advantage of the internet hivemind, and get opinions and recommendations for any number of things, from what tech to get, to where to eat. One thing that annoys me a lot, is when someone posts something irrelevant, just so that they can follow the conversation. If memory serves, it used to be that you had to post something – anything – in order to get notifications of what happened in a thread, and it is from this that the practice stems.

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On vaguebooking and slacktivism

Note: This is a translated and re-worked version of a response I made to someone who was annoyed that someone else criticized  the posting of a heart without anything in the way of context to one’s facebook page, supposedly to “raise awareness about breast cancer”. The person made the claim that it had been going on for years, and that anyone and everyone should know what it meant, and that there was no possible way to criticize it. As you are about to learn, I disagree.

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Understanding a product revisited

I would like to revisit my thoughts on understanding the product of news outlets. Some time ago, an acquaintance, who works for a news outlet posted a picture of a newspaper article to his Facebook feed, stating that “…this is journalism. You can’t get it on social media – or on blogs for that matter. Journalism at its best is both critical and supportive of society at the same time…”

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Facebook adds longed-for admin tool

Back in september of last year, I lamented the lack of what I view as a crucial admin tool on Facebook; the option to close a thread for comments while leaving the original post there for everyone to read. Since then, this is something I have found myself wanting time and again, as I have been forced to delete entire tScreenshot 2016-04-21 00.08.38hreads that, though interesting, simply created too much of a heated debate.

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Facebook – Missing Feature: Close thread

As a Facebook page admin, you have a number of tools. You can delete posts, threads and users, you can add users, and you can pin threads to the top, just to mention a few examples. One thing you can’t do, is close a thread. As admin for several pages, this is becoming a bit of a headache. On the one hand, many of the users of the pages in question have long histories of solid contributions, and the discussions can get lively. We want that to happen. On the other hand, discussions sometimes get out of hand, in particular when controversial topics are on the agenda.

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Facebook Groups: Opt-out, not opt-in

The way Facebook currently works, people may add others to groups without their approval, essentially making groups opt-out, rather than opt-in. This is a massive problem. It allows people to add others to groups, making it seem like they support the agenda the group is pushing. In case you doubt what I’m saying, this has already happened (link in Norwegian).

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