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AD Group member does not show up in Exchange address book

A couple of months ago, a customer sent us a ticket, complaining that a mail group was incomplete. Specifically, his manager was not listed among the recipients. The mail group in question contained all managers, and membership was gained through dedicated active directory (AD) organisational units (OUs), one for the manager of each business unit (BU). I checked the Exchange address book in Outlook, and sure enough; the manager group for his BU was not listed among the recipients.

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Groups and shared mailboxes – the important differences

Some time ago, a user sent a request specifically for a new shared mailbox, that all users should be able to access. When we asked why they didn’t simply use one of the already existing addresses for the use, they said something to the effect that, while there should be no restrictions on accessing the mailbox, only those who wanted to receive email to it should do so. At this point, we started questioning why they had ordered a shared mailbox, rather than a mail group.

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