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Adding a favicon to a Blogger or BlogSpot blog

As you might notice, I’ve got a favicon, a small picture, on my blog. Here’s what it looks like in Firefox:
A small picture
It’s actually pretty simple to implement in Blogger. To do it, you’ll need to have somewhere to store the favicon file. Favicons are imagefiles (dimensions 16 by 16 pixels) ending in .ico. Apparently, Tripod offer free hosting, and they support .ico files. Once you’ve got your favicon ready, and uploaded, you need to open the administration page for your blog, and then go to the “Layout” tab, opening the “Edit HTML” subtab. You’ll then see a page looking something like this:
Find the <head> tag, and insert the following snippet of code immediately below it:

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Deactivating Automatic Reboot after Windows Update

Have you ever returned to your computer only to find it having restarted, and all of your data gone? For a myriad of reasons, I keep my computers running continuously for a long time at a time. This makes this insistence on a reboot not only annoying, but in its extremes, it can actually make me lose work. To prevent this, I have disabled the auto-reboot, and I am no longer annoyed with repeated requests for reboots.

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