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Biting the hand that feeds you

Patreon has since reversed the decision, as reflected in the update at the bottom of this post. Back in October, I wrote about Patreon, and how I enjoy being able to support a few creators of my choosing. That may be about to change, because Patreon are making some pretty obnoxious changes to how they collect pledges. The way it used to be, was that I, as a patron, would be charged the amount of my pledge. Patreon would subtract a portion of the pledge before passing on the rest to the creator(s).

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Patreon: Patronage for the internet age

The practice of patronage – bestowing financial support on e.g. artists – is a time-honored tradition. In times gone by, patronage was both highly personal, and something reserved for the rich and very rich. One of the many things the internet has done, is to make such pursuits available to the crowds. My favorite example is found at Patreon. As a Patreon member, I am able to directly support content creators whose work I enjoy. Here are a few examples:

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