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Threatsaurus: a free resource to understand IT threats

Depending on your perspective, threats against IT systems are either extremely rare, something that happens to other people, or a daily (or near-daily) occurrence. The former is generally from the perspective of the end user, whereas the latter will be the perspective of IT professionals. One of the challenges I’ve encountered in talking to end users about these threats, is to communicate what is happening to them in a way that is both accurate and at a level appropriate to them.

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Securing transfer of Anti Virus policies

Fighting and defending against computer viruses is one of the largest challenges facing businesses and individuals in the IT world of today. To guard against this, most people have anti-virus software installed on their computers. However, even though you have anti-virus software installed, how can you be certain that the policy-files are the ones your anti-virus supplier has supplied? What is done by the different developers to secure the transfer of these files? What sort of knowledge and access would be needed to hack through the protection?
I’ve asked these questions to a few of the leaders in anti-virus software development. Only two answered my questions; here’s what they said:

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