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Tag: statistics

On modelling the world

When trying to understand the world, we apply models to it, in order to quantify what we see. Different models are used to look at different things. A crucial point is understanding what models to apply at what resolution. A model which is well suited to say something about the population of a country may break down when increasing the resolution to looking at a city, or it may still hold true, but break down when trying to apply it to residents in a street, the inhabitants of a building, or individual men and women.

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A critical look at the “Great Place to Work” award

These days, the lists of the winners of the “Great Place to Work” award are being announced. I can understand that it is a title that a lot of companies want to lay claim to; after all, it makes them that much more competitive in the hunt for candidates, and it lets them push back on salary demands, arguing that they are, after all, a “Great Place to Work”. I have a problem with the award though. I think it is worthless as anything other than something to used to pat oneself on the back.

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