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Don’t break the chain!

For anyone who has been following this blog since I started it, it should come as no surprise to learn that I have had long periods of not posting. I was simply not motivated to write, and even though I kept jotting down ideas for posts, they just never made it onto the blog. That all changed in the end of May, when one of the Norwegian tech blogs I follow posted an entry called “Bare skriv!” or “Just write!” in English. It tells the story about Brad Isaacs, who met Jerry Seinfeld, and asked him to give a pointer or two to a young, struggling comedian.
According to the story, Jerry Seinfeld responded that, in order to become a better comedian, you need to write better jokes. In order to write better jokes, you need to write every day. He then told Isaacs about a method he used to motivate himself. He would get a big wall calendar that had the whole year on it, and for every day that he wrote, he got to mark the day with a big red X.

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