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These are things that I want, and are also suggestions for presents from you to me. It is equal parts a suggestion to the world at large and a personal shopping list.


Note: I prefer my books in english unless the book is originally written in norwegian. I also tend to prefer paperback-books as opposed to hardcovers. It might be a good idea to get a receipt so that I can exchange it if I have it already (someone else might have gotten it for me, I might have gotten it myself, and forgot to remove it from the list etc…). Also, note that most of my reading these days takes place on an Amazon Kindle, so an Amazon Gift Card will most certainly not be a bad choice…

Food and drink related:


Note: You can dedicate the cash for any of the following “causes”, or give them to me to spend as I surely will. I promise not to spend it wisely, but rather blow it on merryment and joymaking.

  • the Travel is always fun(d)
  • Tech and geekery

Hunting and shooting equipment:

Other stuff:

  • Hario Buono kettle
  • Dice. 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 20 or 30-sided (yes, I have many of them, no I do not have enough, you never (and do mean never, as in never ever) do) They can be bought here