Category: Linux

  • Trying out the Asus EeePC 900

    Hardware Hardwarewise, there’s nothing truly astonishing about the Eee. Let’s have a look at the specs of our unit:

  • Running commands and programs on startup in Ubuntu

    In a previous post, I showed you how to disable the Caps Lock key in Ubuntu. The problem with this method is of course that it only lasts for the duration of your current session. To resolve this problem, you need to have the command run automatically at startup. Here’s how:

  • Disabling Caps Lock – Ubuntu

    Whenever I get a new keyboard for my desktop computers, the first thing I do is remove the Caps Lock key. It’s a useful key to be sure, but I dislike it. It’s much better in my mind to use the Shift key. As a result, I have been looking for a way to disable […]

  • Installing Uplink on Ubuntu Linux

    Uplink is a really fun game that I’ve played on and off over the years. Having gotten my Ubuntu-computer up and running, I felt it would only be natural to pick it back up. Installing it isn’t as straightforward as in Windows though, as I quickly realized. This is how it’s done:

  • Apt-get FTW or: How I learned to stop worrying and learned to love Ubuntu

    I love technology and fiddling with computers and gadgets dearly, and so, one of my long-term goals have been to has an operational computer running Linux, with which I can do most, if not all, of what I am able to do with my Windows computers. Like most IT-professionals who has been working in the business […]