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  • Pride once more

    It is June, which means that Pride month is here again. My post last year soon took another turn as a terrorist attacked a pair of pubs in downtown Oslo. Two people were killed, and a further twenty-one were wounded. As a result, Oslo Pride was largely cancelled. More recently, the organization Save the Children […]

  • the Hacker attitude

    Guiding principles for IT work

  • Specific search sites for better* results

    I’ve been a user of computers and the internet for long enough to remember the first browser war. It used to be that I’d regularly use multiple search engines in order to ensure that I got the best* results. My defaults would be Yahoo, AltaVista, and Kvasir, but others were certainly in the mix, too. […]

  • Excel: Looking up data continued

    Last week, I showed you the simplest form of the XLOOKUP function. Though highly useful, it’s only really useful if you find exact matches. If you’re looking at an array of data – e.g. pay averages for age groups instead of specific ages – you need to help it a little. To this end, the […]

  • Excel: Looking up data

    This time, I show you how I look up data in a table using the XLOOKUP function.

  • Mac: Lock your computer

    There are a number of security best practices out there. The most basic include password-protecting your devices and limiting administrative privileges. Password protection is only effective when your device is locked. While I’ve mostly been a Windows user at work, at home I tend to prefer a Mac.

  • Excel: Calculating days, months, and years

    One thing I find myself needing to do on a relatively regular basis, is calculate the number of days, months, or years between two given dates. Like with so many other things, Excel has a function for this, too. It’s intuitively named DATEDIF, and here’s how you use it.

  • Tradition!

    In the opening act of Fiddler on the roof, Tevye and the other characters sing about the importance of tradition in their daily lives. While more than a hundred years have gone by since its setting in 1905, tradition remains important. It’s important to all of us, for so many reasons. Traditions are one of […]

  • PowerShell: Looking up specific user properties

    Many of my customers use specific properties for various things. Most users do not have ADUC installed, and some of our customers even disallow installation of ADUC on end user computers. I recently had a user ask about looking up the contents of a specific attribute (extensionAttribute6, in case you were wondering).

  • Excel: Find average based on multiple criteria

    Last week, I showed you how to find an average based on a single criterion. That works well enough, but what if you want to find an average based on multiple criteria? In that case, the AVERAGEIF-function will fall short. In its place, you must use the AVERAGEIFS-function. This time, we want to find the […]

  • Excel: Finding averages based on a specified criterion

    One of the many things I do in my capacity as a union representative is to assemble my own statistics based on raw numbers I get from my employer. One of the stats I calculate is the average pay in each section. As you might remember, last week I assembled a list of forty seven […]