Finding your YouTube comments

From time to time, I’ve found that I need to find a comment I made on a YouTube video some time ago. As luck would have it, that a feat which is relatively easily achievable. Here’s how:

State of the Blog 2022

True to tradition, I’m writing a summer retrospective post. Meant to be the summer counterpart to my¬†end-of-year roundup¬†series, some information will naturally be duplicated across the two series of posts.

On Pride

Update, July 2022:As you may know, Oslo Pride was largely cancelled this year due to a terror attack that was in all likelihood directed at the LGBTQIA+ community. The official parade was cancelled on the advice of the police, as was the memorial that was scheduled to happen two days later. Like so many others,… Continue reading On Pride

Excel: Allow dividing formulas to fail gracefully

I’m sure I’m not alone in having had this happen: I was using Excel to make some quick calculations, and got #DIV/0!-errors for some rows because one of the fields I’d been dividing by was empty. Sometimes you don’t have all the information you need for every single row, but you still want to have… Continue reading Excel: Allow dividing formulas to fail gracefully

Paste text without formatting

I recently had a long term collaboration with a number of colleagues, where part of what we did was produce, edit, and agree upon finalized versions of text. We applied various formatting such as color, cursive, and bold to track the status of specific text blocks. At the end of it all, we needed to… Continue reading Paste text without formatting

Excel: Format cells based on content

As a union steward, one of the many things I do on a regular basis is evaluate key indicators of the company financials. I do this by plotting a few numbers from the accounting reports into Excel, and then run them through some standardised analysis to identify the performance of key indicators. These indicators are… Continue reading Excel: Format cells based on content