How to remove addresses from Autocomplete in your browser

One practical, but sometimes annoying, feature in most browsers today, is the autocomplete functionality in the URL field. While it does save you time when you are used to it, it can also send you to a different page than you were intending. Luckily, both Firefox and Chrome has a shortcut to delete entries from… Continue reading How to remove addresses from Autocomplete in your browser

Microsoft Internet Ballot screen candidates

After a long run of anti-trust suits, Microsoft has finally come to an agreement with the EU about how to solve the internet browser problem. The problem is that Microsoft delivers Windows bundled with Internet Explorer, which competing software developers claim is a breach of anti-trust laws.

Firefox – Use keywords for specialized search

You’re sitting in front of your computer, surfing the web, and you find a website, let’s say this one, that has a nifty search function which you want to use. However, you don’t want to open the website every time you want to use the search. This is where keyword browsing comes in handy.

Firefox – Tweaking the Awesome-bar

The “Awesome”-bar, otherwise known as the address bar, has a few nifty little things you can tweak. First off, you can turn it back into a boring old address-bar. To do this you go to the (for now) awesome-bar, then direct your browser to about:config. In the filter enter browser.urlbar.maxRichResults, and change its value to… Continue reading Firefox – Tweaking the Awesome-bar

Firefox – Change the close-button for tabs

There has been so many discussions about where to place the close-buttons for tabs that Mozilla has created a config key for this specific option.   To access the key, open a new tab, enter about:config then press enter. In the filter search for browser.tabs.closeButtons. Change this value according to your choice and the following… Continue reading Firefox – Change the close-button for tabs

Firefox – Open mailto:-links in GMail

I use GMail a lot. I also send a lot of emails, many of those originating from mailto:-links. Hence, it is practical to have mailto:-links open in GMail.   This is quickly and simply achieved by going to Tools, Options, Applications. In the search-field, simply enter mailto, then use the Action-field to select GMail, Yahoo… Continue reading Firefox – Open mailto:-links in GMail