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Outlook: Mail merge

I have previously written about one of my many responsibilities; contacting users whose login credentials have shown up in breach lists. While the pertinent results of the breach files are delivered to me in a flat file, I use Excel’s Text to Columns feature to separate logins (usually email addresses) from the password. While this might take a little fiddling with the delimiters, it is worth it to ensure that you have a good basis on which to work.

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Word: “Track changes” shows up as “Author” instead of author name

A user called in, reporting that Word’s Track changes-function tagged her as “Author”, instead of her name. I opened a remote session, and started out by confirming that everything else was working correctly, and that her name had been set as the author in the settings for Microsoft Word. Stalling for time while I researched the issue, I found that it seemed to be a problem affecting particular documents. Knowing this set me on the path to the solution, as follows:

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Hiding the scroll bar in Word

So, you’ve minimized your menu ribbon. Now, let’s get rid of that pesky scroll bar. You’ve got a perfectly good scroll wheel on your mouse, and just don’t need it. It’s simple; here’s how:

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Changing the default template in Microsoft Word

A while back, I had a user ask me how he could change the default template in Word. I realized that it had been so long since I had done anything of the sort myself, that I needed to look it up. Finding that this was something I had not documented, I decided to do so. The information below relates specifically to Word 2010 on Windows 7, but it should work for later versions, too.
As I have written previously, the default template used by Word is dictated by a file called Normal.dotm, located at C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates. In order to modify it, simply do as follows: