Category: Index Manager

  • How to: Use synonym lists to modify search results

    By modifying the thesaur.xml-file, Index Manager will return hits containing synonyms to the specified search words.   Say, for example, that you want to search for fast food, and want your search results to also find more specific kinds of fast food, such as pizza, hamburgers and french fries. Included with every installation of Index […]

  • Searching for images with no metadata or no metadata in specific fields?

    By entering xnoword search into the search box, you will get hits in images which do not have metadata. When searching for xnoword in a specific field, you will get hits for images where that field is empty.     Note: For indexed archives you also need to make sure that the fields that you […]

  • How Index Manager indexes filenames

    When Index Manager indexes filenames, they are interpreted using the codepage you have selected in the Regional Settings Control Panel in Windows. Characters A-Z are always read correctly, but if you plan to index files with e.g. Cyrillic or Greek characters in the filename, you will need to make sure that you have selected that […]

  • Set Index Manager to make searches accent insensitive

    By default, Index Manager will index accented characters, such as äöü, different from un-accented characters. However, Index Manager is able to make searches accent insensitive. This setting is set on a per-archive basis. When enabling this option, Index Manager will ignore accents when indexing and treat them as regular unaccented characters. Thus it will be […]