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  • Reviewed: the Pentagon Wars – Reformers Challenge the Old Guard

    Author: James G. Burton Publisher: Naval Institute Press Year: 1993 ISBN: 9781612516004

  • Reviewed: the Goal

    Last week, I reviewed the Phoenix Project. Here are my thoughts on its predecessor:

  • Reviewed: the Phoenix Project

    A while back, a friend of mine tipped me off to this book, and said it was a book I should read. Here are my thoughts.

  • Reviewed: Fish

    Some time ago, I was handed this book by my manager, and told to read, understand and internalize its lessons. Here are my thoughts on the book:

  • Books that I keep returning to

    I am a voracious reader, and have spent a lot of time with my nose in a book. While I no longer have a physical book with me at all times, I always carry an iPhone with the Kindle and Readmill apps, and usually bring my Kindle with me, too.

  • Reviewed: the Good Study Guide

    As part of preparing to study at the Open University, I decided that I needed to establish some routines and generally speaking get to a point where taking an hour or three per day to study came naturally, both to me, and to my family. In order to achieve that, my first subject was the […]