Category: Economic theory

  • The ticket cost funnel

    A common misconception among end users is that we (i.e. the IT department) charge them per ticket. While I don’t know where that misconception comes from, let me say right out that my experience of more than twenty years in the industry is that this simply is not true.

  • On pricing structures and how to increase prices

    The following observations are fairly self-evident to me, in all likelihood because I have been reading a number of books about economy and economic theory over the last few years. As it turns out, they are not obvious to everyone. Hence this post.

  • Virus removal and the sunk cost fallacy

    One of the less enjoyable parts of working as a support technician, is virus and spyware removal. It takes time, demands unflinching accuracy, and even when you do everything right, there is no guaranteee that you get everything. The important thing is to understand time management, and make sure to cut your losses before you […]