Category: Project Management

  • Defining SMART goals and objectives

    When running a project, its ultimate success or failure can only be defined when measured against predefined goals and objectives. Definition of these takes place during the planning phase of the project. It is imperative that these goals be SMART. By that I mean:

  • Managing expectations

    Some years ago, I wrote about Tom Peters‘ Formula for Success, which hinges on doing two things; promising less than you can deliver, and delivering more than you have promised. I can’t foresee a future when this will not be true, however, I think it bears expanding on. Simply put, by telling the user what […]

  • The Tuckman model and Project Management

    In Project Management, we talk about the Tuckman model, also known as Tuckman’s stages of group development. Though of particular importance in project management, the stages bear some relation to most aspects of working life. I think most of us would benefit from knowing the basics of it, and how it all works. Originally proposed […]

  • Defining the objectives of a project

    Roughly put, we can say that all projects must deliver:

  • Project Management: Three ways to look at stages

    My journey towards a Bachelors degree continues, now with the OU Module M258 (IT Project and Service Management). As I continue to study the module, I will write down my thoughts on various subjects. Like with my first module, TU100, these will all be collected under a category for easy reference. This time, unsurprisingly, the […]