Firefox – Tweaking the Awesome-bar

The “Awesome”-bar, otherwise known as the address bar, has a few nifty little things you can tweak. First off, you can turn it back into a boring old address-bar. To do this you go to the (for now) awesome-bar, then direct your browser to about:config. In the filter enter browser.urlbar.maxRichResults, and change its value to… Continue reading Firefox – Tweaking the Awesome-bar

Firefox – Change the close-button for tabs

There has been so many discussions about where to place the close-buttons for tabs that Mozilla has created a config key for this specific option.   To access the key, open a new tab, enter about:config then press enter. In the filter search for browser.tabs.closeButtons. Change this value according to your choice and the following… Continue reading Firefox – Change the close-button for tabs

Firefox – Open mailto:-links in GMail

I use GMail a lot. I also send a lot of emails, many of those originating from mailto:-links. Hence, it is practical to have mailto:-links open in GMail.   This is quickly and simply achieved by going to Tools, Options, Applications. In the search-field, simply enter mailto, then use the Action-field to select GMail, Yahoo… Continue reading Firefox – Open mailto:-links in GMail