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Use browser profiles for more efficient operations

One of the complicating factors of my job is that I need to use the same tools, with different user credentials, often at the same time. For example, most of the companies I and my colleagues support use services that have some sort of integration with Microsoft Azure. As a result, I need to log in to the Azure portal for many of them on a daily basis.

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Deleting site-specific cookies in Chrome

On occasion, the single sign-on authentication for a few of the systems I work with stops working due to an issue with the cookies stored in my web browser. The solution is simple enough; delete the cookies, and Bob’s your uncle. I don’t, however, want to delete all cookies, as that would mean that all of my logged-in sessions stop working. Instead, I want to delete the cookies for the site or sites affected by the issue. Here’s how:

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Removing Google Chrome AutoFill suggestions

I could have sworn I wrote about this years ago. When I looked for it the other day, however, I couldn’t find it, so here goes. I love the fact that Google Chrome has combined the search and address bars into one cohesive unit. While it does, on occasion, mean that I search when I mean to enter an address, that is preferable to having that piece of monitor real estate split into two.


Top five Google apps

Spending as much time online as I do, Google is an integral part of my day to day routine. This is my top five list of Google apps:

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Microsoft Internet Ballot screen candidates

After a long run of anti-trust suits, Microsoft has finally come to an agreement with the EU about how to solve the internet browser problem. The problem is that Microsoft delivers Windows bundled with Internet Explorer, which competing software developers claim is a breach of anti-trust laws.