Tag: command line

  • Mapping a local folder to a Windows drive letter

    A little while ago, I needed to simulate the File Explorer presentation of a network share in order to illustrate a point to a very non-technical customer of mine. Luckily, this is very easily accomplished through the use of either the subst or net use command line commands.

  • Look up AD User Password expiration date

    A little while ago, I had a user call in and ask when their password would expire. Luckily, this information is readily accessible if you know where – and how – to look. Here’s how:

  • Quickly check user logon time

    With surprising regularity, I need to check when a user last logged in. I recently found a command that returns this information; quser. Using it is simple enough; open a command prompt, enter the command, and hit return:

  • Batch replace file extension of all files in a folder

    From time to time, I need to quickly change the file extension of all files in a folder. While there are tools that can do that for you (one of which I’ve written about previously), if you need to append the same file extension to all files in a folder, using the command line in […]

  • Quickly and simply troubleshoot networks from the command line

    I love using command line tools, especially for troubleshooting networking. There are two simple commands you need to know; ipconfig and ping. Here’s a simple guide to finding where the problem :  

  • Essential Console commands in Linux

    Having once again forgotten most of the commands I use in the command shell in Linux in general and Ubuntu especially, I did a quick google search, which turned up this thread at the Ubuntuforums. The thread had two amazingly useful links, both of which referred to quick reference cheat sheets provided by FOSSwire.com Here […]