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Self-hosting revisited

Back in 2018, I wrote about my reasons for hosting my blog on my own site, rather than having it hosted elsewhere. This domain,, is in fact my second TLD as my first one was poached (but that is a story for another time), and I’ve had it since at least 2008. All of the reasons I listed back then remain true. Complete editorial control, expanding my competency portfolio, and using the site as a learning tool are all just as relevant to me now as they were almost four years ago, and I remain happy to have migrated off of Blogspot back in 2009.


The most useful WordPress plugin ever

Like most bloggers, I see a fair share of comment spam. This used to be a problem, as I didn’t have a good way of filtering them out, meaning I set the comment option to Approve all. After I moved from Blogger to WordPress, I was tipped off about a plugin called Akismet.
The lovely thing about it is that it checks incoming comments against a blacklist created by the entire community of people using Akismet, meaning that, whenever someone marks something as spam, the central blacklist is updated. Having run on WordPress for three months, the current tally is 668 spam comments caught, six false positives, and one spam comment not caught.
Akismet is simple, quick to set up, and, most importantly, it just works.