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  • Set Index Manager to make searches accent insensitive

    By default, Index Manager will index accented characters, such as äöü, different from un-accented characters. However, Index Manager is able to make searches accent insensitive. This setting is set on a per-archive basis. When enabling this option, Index Manager will ignore accents when indexing and treat them as regular unaccented characters. Thus it will be […]

  • Configuring multiple sites in FotoWeb Desktop for iPhone

    Once FotoWeb Desktop for iPhone has been initialized and configured for the first time, it will store the server host name you specified so you won’t have to type it again the next time you connect.   If, however, you would like to connect to another FotoWeb server, you can easily change the connection. To […]

  • Configuring the FotoWeb iPhone app for first use

    With the release of SR4 also came FotoWeb Desktop for iPhone. After having downloaded it to your iPhone or iPad, you must set it up to talk to your FotoWeb server. Here’s how: