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  • Creating alerts in FotoWeb Desktop for iPhone

    Alerts are notifications of files that have been added to an archive. They are created by first performing a search and then saving that search as an alert. To check the status of your alerts, tap Alerts on the main screen in the application.   To create an alert, perform a search from the main […]

  • Configuring multiple sites in FotoWeb Desktop for iPhone

    Once FotoWeb Desktop for iPhone has been initialized and configured for the first time, it will store the server host name you specified so you won’t have to type it again the next time you connect.   If, however, you would like to connect to another FotoWeb server, you can easily change the connection. To […]

  • FotoWeb Desktop for iPhone

    It has been an exciting few months, seeing the development of FotoWare’s app for iPhone. Launched at the Tech Days at Palma de Mallorca, it received many excited murmurs.   The app does a few things that have been asked for. First off, you an search in your FotoWeb archives, and create alerts for these […]