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  • Deleting site-specific cookies in Chrome

    On occasion, the single sign-on authentication for a few of the systems I work with stops working due to an issue with the cookies stored in my web browser. The solution is simple enough; delete the cookies, and Bob’s your uncle. I don’t, however, want to delete all cookies, as that would mean that all […]

  • Changing the system language in Google Chrome

    Google Chrome ships with a plethora of different system languages to suit any user. When I downloaded it, it installed with norwegian as the default language. I prefer having my software in english, so here’s how to change the system language:  

  • Google Chrome – First impressions

    Web search and advertising giant Google has gone against what seemed to be a foregone conclusion by not only not buying the norwegian web browser development firm Opera software, but also publishing their own web browser, called Chrome. They’ve built it on Web Kit, the same rendering engine used by Apple’s Safari, and added their […]