Microsoft Outlook

Outlook: Calendar illegible in invites

A little while back, I had an issue with Outlook not properly displaying the calendar in meeting invitations. It looked like this (which I’m sure you’ll agree is less than helpful):

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Understanding bookings in Outlook

I’ve been seeing a surprising number of tickets from users asking why they are seeing double bookings of meeting rooms of late. In each and every case, the issue has boiled down to one of user error, with users not knowing or understanding how meeting invitations work in Outlook. This was a source of confusion to me, until a user put it as follows:

Lotus Notes

Lotus Notes: Resolve "Type mismatch" error

I recently had a user call inn to report that whenever she tried to delete an invitation to a meeting, she got this error:

The invitation in question would get an X beside it, and delete when she refreshed her screen.
The solution is luckily simpler than the error message could lead us to believe; a simple change to the preferences is all that is needed: