iOS: Print to PDF from Safari

Safari on iOS lets you screenshot a full website as a PDF. With the judicious use of reader mode, you can also remove extraneous content making these screenshots more useful. Here’s how:

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iOS: Using reader mode in Safari

One of the features in Safari that I use a fair amount is called reader mode. Simply put, it strips an article of extraneous content (such as ads), and allows me to focus on the article itself. Here’s how you use it:

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iPhone: Prioritise download of certain apps

As anyone who has been using iPhones for a while can tell you, one of the most time consuming parts about getting a new iPhone is downloading all the apps. Some apps are more important than others, and it would be nice if there was a way to tell the iPhone which apps to prioritise. As it turns out, you can. Here’s how:


Platform agnosticism and my preferred platform

The debate over ones preferred platform has for a very long time felt more like a religous discussion more than anything else. Whether it’s PC vs. Mac, iOS vs. Android, or Windows vs. Linux, proponents of the various platforms tend towards an almost religious level of zeal for their preferred platform, and against the other platform.

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Set default account for address book entries on iOS

Last week, I showed you how to set default calendar in iOS. When I was looking into that, I noticed that the setting for default account for address book entries is in much the same place. Here’s how to set that setting:

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Set default calendar on iOS

I have been a very happy user of iPhone for a long time now. It works great, and it syncs my appointments with my Google Calendar. Lately, though, I’ve needed to put appointments into my calendar while on the go. For some reason, they were not showing up in my Google Calendar. It turned out, that my iPhone was set up to create appointments in the iCloud calendar, not the Google Calendar. Luckily, that is easily remedied. Here’s how:

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Mobile multitasking – Android versus iOS

The two main contenders in the mobile OS world today have two vastly different approaches to multitasking. Both have merits, and potential drawbacks. Let’s have a look: