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  • OS X: Spotlight crashes after entering two letters

    After upgrading to OS X El Capitan, I was troubled by Spotlight crashing after I’d entered the letters st. I could reproduce the issue at will, and found the following entries in the Console logs:

  • Citrix: Keyboard input fails on Mac OS X

    A user called in, saying that she was having problems with her email client on Citrix. I quickly established that she was using a Mac, and that she was able to open and read emails, as well as start a reply, but that no keyboard input seemed to show up when she was writing an email. I next […]

  • Taking screenshots in Mac OS X

    My fiancée has been using a Mac for close to a year now, and it’s a pretty nifty machine, I’ve gotta say. However, things are fairly different to what she, and I, are used to. One thing she does fairly often, is take screenshots, which she had a bit of trouble with until we figured […]

  • Firefox does not save tabs on close on Mac OSX

    My girlfriend recently got herself a shiny new MacBook Pro, and installed Firefox, as that’s her browser of preference. She kept having a problem that her tabs would not be saved when she closed Firefox, and asked me to look into it.