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  • Resolving "This file contains repairs made to it by Word"

    I had a user call in about a rather wordy error message whenever she’d save a file for the second or more time.   “This file contains repairs made to it by Word. Saving the file will make these repairs permanent. It is recommended that you view the repairs before saving the file.”   I […]

  • Unable to open Excel documents from Windows Explorer

    Over the last year or so I’ve had at least fifteen users complain that when they double-click an Excel document in Windows Explorer, Excel opens, but no workbook. They then have to open the document manually in Excel.   Here’s how to resolve this problem:  

  • Microsoft Word – generating a new normal.dot-file

    I recently had a user call in with a problem; whenever she’d open a word-document, word would flash an error message, then to open in safe mode.   Normal.dot is the default template file in Microsoft Word. Because it contains a lot of customization settings, it is prone to corruption. Thus, many problems experienced while […]

  • Fatal Error when starting Microsoft Word 2007

    My employer is slowly but surely implementing Microsoft Office 2007. One of the errors we’ve encountered has been a fatal error. It seems to be caused by one of the following two things: