Tag: Notepad++

  • Notepad++: the Macro recorder

    In my last post, I detailed how I solved the challenge of finding all the group members of a set of groups containing more than five hundred groups. While the Powershell script was very effective, I needed one more tool in order to really make quick work of it all; Notepad++.

  • Software Spotlight: Notepad++

    Whenever I get a new (Windows) computer, one of the very first pieces of software I download and install is Notepad++. It gets used for just about anything, and everything, and takes the concept of Notepad, a simple text editor, up a few hundred notches.

  • Software I cannot live without

    Almost anyone that works with computers collect a few programs they can’t live without. For me, there are a few of them, and here they are:

  • Better Notepad

    I write a lot of different things, from text for my blog, to content for my website to various kinds of code and script. For a long time I simply used notepad, it was most of what I needed, and it did the job.