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  • Powerpoint: Remove presentation notes

    As part of my job, my role as head of my union local, and as a board member in my shooting sports club, I give presentations on a relatively regular basis. Whenever I do so, I usually share my slides so that people can refer back to them later on. I do not, however, share […]

  • MS Office: Pin items

    Many companies, my employer included, uses spreadsheets on a more or less consistent basis in order to track such things as vacation planning and KPI reporting. For me, as an employee, keeping track of these spreadsheets can, from time to time, be a bit annoying. Much to my surprise, at some point in the past […]

  • The FotoWeb Office Plugin supports placing of multiple placeholder boxes in PowerPoint

    When creating a layout in Powerpoint, pay attention to the sequence in which you place placeholders. The Office Plugin will place images in picture placeholders first, in the order they were placed in the document.   Second, it will place images in Content placeholders, again, in the order they were placed in the document. Naturally, […]