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  • Showing 32-bit registry entries on 64-bit versions of Windows

    As 64-bit processors become increasingly prolific, so do 64-bit installations of the operating system. However, most software is still written in 32-bit, which shouldn’t cause any significant problems for most end-users. However, if you need to modify or remove the registry entries for a 32-bit program, you won’t find it where you expect to.   […]

  • Deleting a service using the registry

    In last week’s post, I showed you how to remove a service using the command prompt. However, there is another way, by using the registry. In this case, too, we need to do a little research, to find the name of the service. For simplicity, I’ll repeat it here:  

  • Set default CapsLock, NumLock and ScrollLock state

    Lately, I’ve been annoyed that a few of the computers I’ve set up have had NumLock on after each and every boot. The problem lies somewhere in the installation scripts, I’m sure, but as I have no power over those scripts, all I can do, is fix the problem whenever I spot it.  

  • Encrypt and Decrypt from the context menu

    Normally, if you want to encrypt or decrypt a file in Windows XP Pro or Vista, you simply right-click on the file or folder, then choose the Properties command from the shortcut menu. You click the “Advanced” button on the General tab, which gives you access to the Encrypt or the Decrypt option.   If […]

  • Disable Autoplay through a registry hack

    Autoplay is one of the most wildly annoying features I know. I just dislike inserting, let’s say, a TechNet CD, and have Windows open Internet Explorer and display a lot of useless information that I don’t care about.I would much rather browse through the file system of the disc, and go directly to what I […]