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  • Opera revisited

    It’s been a while since I last wrote of my trying out Opera. Since then, my tech-savvy friend has taken it upon himself to bring me into the light. A calm evening of beer and pizza quickly turned into just that, with the addendum of him prodding me to use Opera in no uncertain terms. […]

  • Trying out the Asus EeePC 900

    Hardware Hardwarewise, there’s nothing truly astonishing about the Eee. Let’s have a look at the specs of our unit:

  • U3 -v- PortableApps

    U3 and PortableApps are two competing systems designed to run software off external storage media. This is most relevant for thumbdrives and the like, but you could run PortableApps from a harddrive, or even your iPod!   For this comparative test, I used a SanDisk U3-enabled 4GB thumbdrive. When I bought it, U3 launchpad was […]

  • Testing Opera – first impressions

    A friend of mine whose tech savvy is usually worth listening to waxed religious about Opera the other night. When he does, there’s usually a good reason, so I decided to check it out.