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Data protection revisited

As I mentioned in my previous article about the topic, I am doing the best I can to comply with GDPR. In addition to what I covered back then, I have also updated the privacy policy of the site, and am continually working to ensure that I remain in compliance to the best of my ability. Part of doing so is reviewing the data collection and retention settings involved with Google Analytics.

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2017 roundup

As has become my tradition, I am rounding out the year with a retrospective article. The idea stems from many places, but in particular from Steve Jackson, of Steve Jackson Games, and his annual Report to the Stakeholders.

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Why I blog – revisited

Back in 2010, I wrote a post called “Why I blog“. All of the things I said six year ago are still true. This is still my personal KB, and I use it on a weekly basis for that very purpose. I was offered both of my last two jobs, in part due to this blog (having documented skills in written communication is literally never a bad thing for a support tech – or anyone filling any role in IT, for that matter), and I still enjoy my soapbox.

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2015 roundup

For the third year running, and the fourth time overall, I am actually writing a roundup article. Not exactly the most exciting stuff I write, but useful all the same, at least for me, if not for anyone else. It lets me look back at what I have done over the past year, and take stock of my writings and musings.

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Spreading the word and interpreting the analytics

As I said back in March, I have a fair bit of knowledge about you, my readers. While I enjoy writing, and a lot of the posts on this blog have been highly useful to me, it is good to know that there are people who read it who are not, well, me. To get word out there about new posts, I use the following channels:

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