• Find WLAN password from the command line

    If I’ve been there once, I’ve been there a thousand times; I’ve connected to a wireless network with my computer, but want to connect with my phone, too. The only problem is that I don’t know what the WLAN password is. Luckily, you can find the password to networks you’ve connected to using the command […]

  • Ubuntu: Reinstalling MadWifi

    I’ve been having some problems connecting my EeePC to wireless networks of late. The problem was that it didn’t detect available wireless networks, nor did it connect to the ones I’d already defined.   It runs Ubuntu 8.04, and I originally had to fuss around a bit to get the Atheros WLAN card to work. […]

  • Securing Wireless Networks, why and how?

    Why? A man in his twenties, let’s call him Bill, gets on a bus in Oslo. He carries with him a portable computer, complete with a wireless network adapter. The computer is running Windows XP Professional, and has an app installed called NetStumbler. The man is bored, and decides to have some fun…   Bill […]