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  • More God modes

    I recently wrote about the so-called God mode in Windows 7. As it turns out, there are as many as seventeen of them. In addition to the “full” God mode, you also have the following:  

  • Windows 7 GodMode

    A nifty little way of getting a more finegrained level of control over Windows 7, is using the so-called GodMode option. By creating a folder, and giving it a specific name, you will get access to loads of options:

  • Encrypt and Decrypt from the context menu

    Normally, if you want to encrypt or decrypt a file in Windows XP Pro or Vista, you simply right-click on the file or folder, then choose the Properties command from the shortcut menu. You click the “Advanced” button on the General tab, which gives you access to the Encrypt or the Decrypt option.   If […]

  • Disable Autoplay through a registry hack

    Autoplay is one of the most wildly annoying features I know. I just dislike inserting, let’s say, a TechNet CD, and have Windows open Internet Explorer and display a lot of useless information that I don’t care about.I would much rather browse through the file system of the disc, and go directly to what I […]

  • Remapping the Caps Lock key – Windows

    I’ve previously showed you how to disable the Caps Lock key in Ubuntu. There are many ways of doing this in Windows as well, my favorite is to simply remap it to something else.

  • Removing the File Association Web Service Dialog

    I’m often annoyed by this dialog box when I open unassociated filetypes:

  • Disabling Caps Lock – Ubuntu

    Whenever I get a new keyboard for my desktop computers, the first thing I do is remove the Caps Lock key. It’s a useful key to be sure, but I dislike it. It’s much better in my mind to use the Shift key. As a result, I have been looking for a way to disable […]

  • How to change the default Save As or Open location – TweakUI

    In my last post, I showed you how to use the GPEdit app to change the default Save As/Open locations. There’s another way to do this, using that great little tool called TweakUI.

  • How to change the default Save As or Open location – GPEdit

    I’ve been annoyed that I’ve not been able to change the default Save As/Open locations, as well as changing the 5 options I get on the Places Bar. Here’s what it looks like default: