Turning off the mail count in the Windows XP login screen – TweakUI

My last post showed us the simple, though fiddly way of turning off the mail count in the Windows XP login screen. As things turn out, there’s a second, more user friendly way of doing this, although it means installing a new program.

Let’s start by assuming that you still have the problem, and want to remove it, but don’t want to muck about in the registry. Microsoft have made a power tool called Tweak UI, which among many many other things can help you solve this. You can get TweakUI here.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed TweakUI, here’s how you go about doing it:

    • Open TweakUI
    • Navigate to the Logon entry
    • Open the entry called “Unread mail”
    • Uncheck the “Show unread mail on Welcome screen” check box like so:

Tweak UI Screenshot

Here’s the result:

Login Screen, No Mail Count






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