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  • Review: Apple Watch Series 6

    Back in 2018, I reviewed my Apple Watch Series 3. Three years post-purchase, everything I wrote in that review still holds true; the series 3 has served me well on a daily basis since I bought it, with very little in the way of issues, and a full day of usable battery power between charges […]

  • Review: COBI Smartbike adapter

    A couple of weeks ago, I reviewed my Yuba Supermarché transport bike. One of the things I noted that I was missing was some solution to offer phone and satnav integration. As it turns out – and as I knew full well when writing my review – there is a solution for this; the COBI […]

  • Review: Yuba Supermarché

    About eighteen months ago, I realized that there was no way I could reasonably justify the costs of owning my much-loved Tesla Model S. Despite the freedom owning a car provided us, the truth was that I drove less than eight thousand kilometers per year, had annual costs for insurance, road tax, and maintenance to […]

  • Reviewed: Bose QC 35 II

    As I noted in my review of Bose NC700, I found the pass-through functionality to be as tiring as the noise cancelling. Soon after completing that review, I concluded that the combined effect of that and the lack of a collapsing feature meant that they were not for me. Being a long-time Bose user, there […]

  • Reviewed: Bose NC700

    As long-time readers of the blog will know, I have owned, and thoroughly enjoyed, several pairs of Bose headphones. After over three years of more or less daily use and abuse, my last pair of QC35s had started acting up. When a local store ran a good offer on a pair of NC700, I went […]

  • Reviewed: the Unicorn project

    A much-anticipated sequel to the Phoenix project, the Unicorn project was launched late last year. Here are my thoughts:

  • (Re-)Reviewed: the Phoenix project

    With the launch of the Unicorn project, I revisited the Phoenix project. Seeing as my previous review was a mite lackluster, I decided to revisit that, too.

  • Reviewed: reMarkable

    Despite being very much a citizen of the digital world, I am a long-time lover of hand-written notes. I read and annotate reports, and prefer doing so with pen in hand. As such, I suppose it was inevitable that I would find and try out the reMarkable. Their ad blurb says:

  • An interesting approach to digitizing hand-written notes

    In recent years, a number of approaches to taking hand-writing and turning it digital has come to the market. From tablet computers to writing tablets with e-Ink technology, there are plenty of offerings out there, none of which has scratched my itch for hand-written notes. Tablet computers tend to be too slick and slippery, resulting […]

  • Review: Peak Design Travel Line

    In July of 2018, Peak Design launched their eighth (!) kickstarter campaign, launching a whole line of products designed with travel in mind. At the end of the campaign, the line-up included:

  • Reviewed: Tesla Model S part 10: Features the model S really should have

    As should be clear to anyone who has read any of the other instalments of this long series of reviews of the Model S, I am a very happy Model S owner and driver. The car is comfortable and fun to drive, while getting me from a to b with a minimum of fuss. I have […]