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Reviewed: Tesla Model S part 10: Features the model S really should have

As should be clear to anyone who has read any of the other instalments of this long series of reviews of the Model S, I am a very happy Model S owner and driver. The car is comfortable and fun to drive, while getting me from a to b with a minimum of fuss. I have not, however, claimed that it is the perfect car. 

It is not. It is very large, making for a less than ideal mode of transport in cities, and meaning that finding a parking space is not always the easiest thing in the world. This is simply a result of the car being what it is, and not something that can be easily changed.

There are, however, a few features I think the Model S would benefit from having, and which may be incorporated in the design and/or feature set:

  • Having gotten more than a few design features from Mercedes, I am surprised that the car does not feature wing mirror indicator lights. They add to the visibility of turn signals, and frankly, I think they look good, too.
  • While the digital instrument cluster does highlight the presence of vehicles in the adjoining lanes, the presence of an LED in each wing mirror for the same purpose would be useful, too.
  • A HUD – short for heads-up display – is a very useful tool, which lets the driver read critical information from the dashboard without looking away from the road. Having driven a car which had a HUD, it’s a feature I think the Model S would benefit from having.
  • The Model S currently has half-frame doors; doors whose windows are not framed on the sides and top. While that certainly looks good, it is less than ideal in winter, and introduces another side which may freeze in winter. As you may remember, I live in Norway, where sub-zero temperatures (centigrade) in winter are the rule, rather than the exception.

I’m sure there are other features that might be good to have; if you have a suggestion, why not post it in the comment section, below?

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