Category: Microsoft Windows

  • How to change the default Save As or Open location – GPEdit

    I’ve been annoyed that I’ve not been able to change the default Save As/Open locations, as well as changing the 5 options I get on the Places Bar. Here’s what it looks like default:

  • Deactivating Automatic Reboot after Windows Update

    Have you ever returned to your computer only to find it having restarted, and all of your data gone? For a myriad of reasons, I keep my computers running continuously for a long time at a time. This makes this insistence on a reboot not only annoying, but in its extremes, it can actually make […]

  • Changing the Program Files Folder

    Why would one want to change the default Program Files folder? I like to compartmentalize my disks so that should something go wrong, I can still recover data after a reinstallation. Part of preparing this is the fact that all of my computers’ main hard drives (HDD) are partitioned into a minimum of two partitions, […]

  • A better Task Manager

    Windows Task Manager is a decent enough tool, but it doesn’t really give you all that much information, nor is it always able to do what you need it to, such as end certain processes. By default, the Processes view looks something like this:   While this is enough for most users, it isn’t always […]

  • Changing drive letter

    At times you might want to ensure that, no matter how many drives you have attached to you computer, when you attach a specific one, it’ll always show up with the same driveletter. You might wish to do this for backup-purposes, or for automization purposes, or for whatever other reasons you might have.     […]