Category: Windows 7

  • Windows 7: Shrink the taskbar

    The Windows 7 taskbar looks good, but some users complain that it takes up too much desktop real estate. Luckily, there is a simple solution for this problem:   Simply right-click the taskbar, and select Properties. In properties, check the box for “Use small icons”, like so:

  • Windows 7: Shake the windows away

    Many of the innovations in Windows 7 are more about estetics and eye-candy than anything else. Some of them are downright silly; such as this one:   You’re working on your computer, and you have a lot of windows open. You then need to focus on a specific window, and minimize all the others. That’s […]

  • Windows 7: Using libraries (part 2)

    In addition to using libraries to see files from several places on your computer, you can also use it to display files sorted by meta-data, such as the date the files was edited last, or tags.   Libraries have an arrange-by option, which, by default, is set to Folder. By clicking it, you get the […]

  • Windows 7: Using libraries

    Windows 7 takes a new approach to file management, which they have called libraries. Simply put, you library will show files from any and all folders you choose. There are libraries for documents, videos, pictures and music.   You can create folders in the libraries, the same way that you would create a folder elsewhere […]

  • Windows 7: Windows side-by-side

    When working with two windows at the same time, you can have them aligned so that they take up half the screen each. Simply click and drag the title line of the window to the left or right hand side of the screen, and you’ll see the window autmatically adjust to fit half the screen’s […]

  • More God modes

    I recently wrote about the so-called God mode in Windows 7. As it turns out, there are as many as seventeen of them. In addition to the “full” God mode, you also have the following:  

  • Windows 7 GodMode

    A nifty little way of getting a more finegrained level of control over Windows 7, is using the so-called GodMode option. By creating a folder, and giving it a specific name, you will get access to loads of options:

  • Windows 7 Download tool is back

    Microsoft recently released, then withdrew a piece of software called Windows 7 download tool. Originally released under GPLv2, it was withdrawn as some of the code included had licensing problems, and as such could not be released under GPLv2.   Having fixed this problem, they have now re-released it, as free (as in freedom and […]

  • A better way to see trends

    An old joke says that there are three kinds of lies; black lies, white lies and the internal polling data of political parties. The latter example is typically statistics, and while statistics can be presented in such a way as to prove almost anything, raw, unprocessed statistics are a great tool.   One of my […]

  • Set default CapsLock, NumLock and ScrollLock state

    Lately, I’ve been annoyed that a few of the computers I’ve set up have had NumLock on after each and every boot. The problem lies somewhere in the installation scripts, I’m sure, but as I have no power over those scripts, all I can do, is fix the problem whenever I spot it.  

  • Free eBook: Troubleshooting Windows 7

    Working in IT, I often have people ask me about issues they are having with their computer. Now, while I’m happy to help out, I often find that the problems I solve for them are problems they could have solved themselves. Mitch Tulloch, a Microsoft MVP and lead author of the just-published Windows 7 Resource […]