Windows 7: Windows side-by-side

When working with two windows at the same time, you can have them aligned so that they take up half the screen each. Simply click and drag the title line of the window to the left or right hand side of the screen, and you’ll see the window autmatically adjust to fit half the screen’s width.
There’s also the option of doing this through a keyboard shortcut. Win+left arrow will align the window to the left hand side, while Win+right arrow will align the window to the right hand side. To maximize the window, use Win+up arrow, and to minimize, use Win+down arrow.
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2 responses to “Windows 7: Windows side-by-side”

  1. Sebastian

    Bra tips mannen! Vet det er sånne drag-gestures på det. men fungerer dårlig med flere skjermer!

    1. Godt fornøyd selv. Kommer mange gode tips denne måneden.