Category: File management

  • Workflow for video editing – sorting system

    As I have alluded to in previous posts, one of the things I do on occasion, is edit video. Among many others, one of the communities I am happy to belong to, is that of YouTubers. Of my two YouTube channels, the one I spend the most time on, is my shooting sports channel; D20 Shooting Sports. In […]

  • Quick and simple PDF comparison

    Imagine the following: You have two versions of a PDF, and want to know which of them is current, and what the differences are. Now, you could do the job manually, comparing page by page, running the risk that you might overlook something. If you have a full version of Adobe Acrobat, you can use […]

  • My number one wanted feature on the iPad

    As should be obvious by now, I love my iPad, and bring it with me most everywhere I go. I use it for work and play, planning and doodling in equal amounts. It has more or less supplanted my netbook as my default unit for web browsing, emailand many other things.   Along with my […]

  • Simple file restore

    Ever delete a file you shouldn’t have? Sure you have! We all have, at some point or another. And we have all regretted it. Whether it was a system file of some sort, the holiday photos of the family, or the lease for your house, it’s always annoying.   My girlfriend gave me a flash […]

  • Rename files as a batch

    In my last post, I talked about a nifty little program called Restoration. One thing I didn’t mention, was that the program had changed the first letter of most of the restored files to $. Most of the files we restored were photos, and I knew that all of these started with the letter I. […]