Simple file restore

Ever delete a file you shouldn’t have? Sure you have! We all have, at some point or another. And we have all regretted it. Whether it was a system file of some sort, the holiday photos of the family, or the lease for your house, it’s always annoying.
My girlfriend gave me a flash drive the other day, on which were some photos that she’d accidentally deleted. She asked me to see what I could save, and so I did. I’d seen a review a few weeks earlier of a program I wanted to try out, and here was the perfect opportunity. The program is simply called Restoration and can be found here.
When downloaded, you do not need to install it, rather the executable runs without installation. You then select the drive to scan, and the program shows you the files available like so:

While it does not necessarily find all deleted files, in my tests it found most of them, and allowed me to quickly and simply copy them to a different drive.





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