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  • iOS 6’s best new feature: Do Not Disturb

    One feature that I have been missing on my iPhone, even though I didn’t realise it, is a way to have the iPhone be quiet when I want it to, but intelligently so. What I mean, is that I want it to be able to let calls from important people (such as my wife and […]

  • How to: Use synonym lists to modify search results

    By modifying the thesaur.xml-file, Index Manager will return hits containing synonyms to the specified search words.   Say, for example, that you want to search for fast food, and want your search results to also find more specific kinds of fast food, such as pizza, hamburgers and french fries. Included with every installation of Index […]

  • FotoWare Color Factory checks whether a share is offline

    In Service Release 4 of Color Factory 7, FotoWare introduced a new feature, enabling it to check whether a network share is offline. When it finds that the share is offline, the channel is temporarily stopped, allowing other channels on the server to keep running.   When a share is found to be offline, this […]

  • How to remove addresses from Autocomplete in your browser

    One practical, but sometimes annoying, feature in most browsers today, is the autocomplete functionality in the URL field. While it does save you time when you are used to it, it can also send you to a different page than you were intending. Luckily, both Firefox and Chrome has a shortcut to delete entries from […]

  • Blogging on the go, WordPress for iOS

    While I do most of my blogging on my computer, uploading the posts and images directly through the control panel. However, from time to time I will write a post while on the go, using my iPad or even (shudder) my iPhone to write and post the update.   Whenever I do that, my choice […]

  • API-usage for everyone: If this, then that!

    If this, then that is an online service that allows you to set up channels with a trigger and an action. The entire philosophy behind it is that it should be very simple to use. It utilizes the APIs of various online services, Flickr, Twitter and Facebook to mention but a very few. When something […]

  • Searching for images with no metadata or no metadata in specific fields?

    By entering xnoword search into the search box, you will get hits in images which do not have metadata. When searching for xnoword in a specific field, you will get hits for images where that field is empty.     Note: For indexed archives you also need to make sure that the fields that you […]

  • Showing 32-bit registry entries on 64-bit versions of Windows

    As 64-bit processors become increasingly prolific, so do 64-bit installations of the operating system. However, most software is still written in 32-bit, which shouldn’t cause any significant problems for most end-users. However, if you need to modify or remove the registry entries for a 32-bit program, you won’t find it where you expect to.   […]

  • Using MSTSC to connect to a console mode session.

    One of the most important tools in any sysadmin’s tool kit is the ability to remote control servers and client computers. Being able to quickly connect to Terminal Services is a great way to do so. If you’re like me, you leave a few windows open whenever you leave a machine, and a neat trick […]