Exporting a list of all computers from Active Directory

Last week I covered how you can use the DSQuery command to export members of a given AD Group. This week, on a related note, I will cover how to use the same basic command to export all computer accounts in Active Directoy.

  1. Log on to your Domain Controller
  2. Open a command prompt
  3. Enter the command dsquery computer -limit %####% > filename.txt, substituting %####% for the maximum number of hits you want (if you leave this out, the default is 100), and replacing filename with something logical if you so desire



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3 responses to “Exporting a list of all computers from Active Directory”

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  2. There is another fast and easy method how to export AD data to csv, xlsx and html files. No scripting required.
    Active Directory reporting tool – AD FastReporter Free(https://albusbit.com/ADFastReporter.php).
    No configuration needed, it will use your current security context(your current user) to get all data from AD.
    Just select Computers -> All Computers and choose fields you want to see(like Name, Group membership, Last logon, etc.), press Generate and you will see results in couple seconds.

    1. Thank you, Klavs, that is useful information.

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