Category: Bug

  • The Tesla Autoplay issue

    While I have been pretty clear about how I feel about Tesla both as a company and about the product they make, there are some things that just don’t make any sense. One of those things I’ve already mentioned, the mismatch between displayed map data and where the SatNav wants to take you. Today, I’d […]

  • Unable to write @ in Microsoft Office

    For a while, I’ve been having an issue, which only occurred when I was using a computer using Norwegian Keyboard Layout (the only other keyboard layout I use with any kind of regularity is English US), which was that I was unable to write the character @. I investigated it, and realized that the error […]

  • Firefox does not save tabs on close on Mac OSX

    My girlfriend recently got herself a shiny new MacBook Pro, and installed Firefox, as that’s her browser of preference. She kept having a problem that her tabs would not be saved when she closed Firefox, and asked me to look into it.