The Tesla Autoplay issue

While I have been pretty clear about how I feel about Tesla both as a company and about the product they make, there are some things that just don’t make any sense. One of those things I’ve already mentioned, the mismatch between displayed map data and where the SatNav wants to take you. Today, I’d like to show you another; the Autoplay issue:

What happens is that, when I get in the car, and my phone connects to Bluetooth, it automatically starts playing. This happens regardless of whether I have any media loaded in a media player or not. Here’s one example:

It seems pretty obvious to me that this is a bug; had it been a feature, there should have been a setting for it in the settings of the car. I own a number of other bluetooth devices, including two pairs of bluetooth headsets, neither of which display the same behaviour. It’s super annoying, and I hope Tesla changes it soon.







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