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  • Citrix: Keyboard input fails on Mac OS X

    A user called in, saying that she was having problems with her email client on Citrix. I quickly established that she was using a Mac, and that she was able to open and read emails, as well as start a reply, but that no keyboard input seemed to show up when she was writing an email. I next […]

  • Citrix: Resolving “You have not chosen to trust security certificate”

    In January, I showed you how to resolve SSL error 61. As it turns out, the error also affected Macs. Here’s the error you get on a Mac:

  • Citrix: Resolve SSL Error 61 on Windows

    Some weeks ago, I had a user call in, saying that she got the following error message when trying to launch applications from our Citrix farm:

  • Unable to uninstall Citrix Receiver or Online Plugin

    From time to time, users call in, reporting problems opening applications or desktops in Citrix. One of the many items in a support technician’s bag of tricks, is the old uninstall and reinstall routine. There are many reasons why this can be a good idea, among them that removing legacy applications that have been superseded by new versions […]

  • Problems accessing local drives in Citrix

    I’ve had a few users who have had problems accessing their local drives in Citrix. The error they get is the following:   The problem is, as one might surmise, one of access levels. To set the appropriate access level, do the following: 1: If in Full-screen mode, exit it through pressing Shift+F2 2: Right-click […]