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Citrix: Keyboard input fails on Mac OS X

A user called in, saying that she was having problems with her email client on Citrix. I quickly established that she was using a Mac, and that she was able to open and read emails, as well as start a reply, but that no keyboard input seemed to show up when she was writing an email. I next asked her to try to search in Outlook, with the same result. The final thing we tried before ascertaining what the problem was, was checking if the problem only affected Outlook. As it turned out, it didn’t, but propagated through all applications in Citrix.

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Citrix: Resolving “You have not chosen to trust security certificate”

In January, I showed you how to resolve SSL error 61. As it turns out, the error also affected Macs. Here’s the error you get on a Mac:

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Citrix: Resolve SSL Error 61 on Windows

Some weeks ago, I had a user call in, saying that she got the following error message when trying to launch applications from our Citrix farm:

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Unable to uninstall Citrix Receiver or Online Plugin

From time to time, users call in, reporting problems opening applications or desktops in Citrix. One of the many items in a support technician’s bag of tricks, is the old uninstall and reinstall routine. There are many reasons why this can be a good idea, among them that removing legacy applications that have been superseded by new versions can help resolve conflicts. Sometimes, however, the MSI files are damaged or just plain missing.


Problems accessing local drives in Citrix

I’ve had a few users who have had problems accessing their local drives in Citrix. The error they get is the following:
Drive is not accessible, Access is Denied
The problem is, as one might surmise, one of access levels. To set the appropriate access level, do the following:
1: If in Full-screen mode, exit it through pressing Shift+F2
2: Right-click the Citrix-icon
3: Open “File Security Status”
4: You’ll get this dialog box:
Access level
5: Set the appropriate security level, No Access (Denies all Access), Read Access (Read Access only) or Full Access (Full Access)