Problems accessing local drives in Citrix

I’ve had a few users who have had problems accessing their local drives in Citrix. The error they get is the following:
Drive is not accessible, Access is Denied
The problem is, as one might surmise, one of access levels. To set the appropriate access level, do the following:
1: If in Full-screen mode, exit it through pressing Shift+F2
2: Right-click the Citrix-icon
3: Open “File Security Status”
4: You’ll get this dialog box:
Access level
5: Set the appropriate security level, No Access (Denies all Access), Read Access (Read Access only) or Full Access (Full Access)


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  2. Thank you sir you’re a genius.
    You wouldnt believe how many other convoluted “suggestions” there are out there for this problem which has such an easy fix.

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