State of the Blog 2023

True to tradition, I’m writing a summer retrospective post. Meant to be the summer counterpart to my end-of-year roundup series, some information will naturally be duplicated across the two series of posts.

The first full year (as in period of 365 days, rather than a calendar year) of more or less normalcy have come and gone with very little in the way of fanfare since covid-measures were lifted in Norway. Life, for most of us, goes on.

My duties as head of my union local have continued unabated. I won an uncontested re-election this spring, and have negotiated a wage increase for my now more than two hundred members. That, however, took some wrangling, three rounds of negotiations – the last of which was between the central parties, with me as a spectator.

I noted, in my roundup last year, that I was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. I am happy to report that I have since undergone node ablation, and that I have seen significant improvement as a result.

Readership of the blog continues to fluctuate, sometimes as high as 1600 monthly readers, and sometimes as low as half that. That, however, is entirely incidental. I continue to blog for a readership of one, and everyone else is a welcome bonus. I have been blogging for more than fifteen years, and am coming up on nine hundred blog posts in those years.

As always, finding both the time and the inspiration to blog can be a bit of a challenge, but I have been able to keep it up. That, in and of itself, feels like an achievement to me. I keep learning, and I keep documenting what I learn – for myself to reference, as well as to share with others. Like I did in ’21 and ’22, I have decided to take a summer hiatus. Expect more posts from me in the middle or so of August.





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